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Kodak 7203 / 50D VISION 3 Colour Negative Film (16mm) (100 ft) (Single Perf)

UPC # 1055KODAKV350D
MFR # 8003634
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  • Daylight-Balanced Color Neg. Movie Film
  • Exposure Index of 50 in Daylight
  • Expanded Highlight Latitude

Kodak VISION3 50D is a low-speed daylight-balanced color negative movie film characterized by its ability to record a wide dynamic range with increased highlight sensitivity. It has an exposure index of 50 when shot in daylight conditions and its fine grain structure contributes to notably high image sharpness. As part of the VISION3 series of movie films, this stock has high archival stability and is well-suited to digital post-production processes.

This item is one 100' roll of 16mm color negative movie film for process in ECN-2 chemistry. It is perforated on one edge (Winding B) and wound on an R-90 spool for use in-camera, for making optical prints, or for bidirectional printing.


Film Format 16 mm
Film Type Color Negative
Film Speed ISO 50 at 5500K
ISO 12 at 3200K with Wratten Filter 80A
Roll Length 100' / 30.48 m
Color Balance Daylight
Spool/Core Type R-90 Spool
Perforation Single
Winding B
Film Base Acetate
Film Processing ECN-2
Unexposed Storage Temperature 55°F / 13°C (Less Than 6 Months)
0 to -10°F / -18 to -23°C (More Than 6 Months)