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Sekonic C-700R Spectro Master Colour Meter (w/ Pocket Wizard RT module)

UPC # 4962294011598
MFR # SE011598
  • Multiply color touch-screen has display modes
  • Wide measurement range of Color Temperature and illumination
  • Numerical display includes Kelvin (K), Illuminance (lux), LB/CC Filters, LB/CC Index, CRI (Ra, R1 thru. R15), and uv.

The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R is designed for motion and still image capturers who must produce quality results with proper subject color while working with multiple types and brands of light sources. A full-spectrum color meter, the C-700R can precisely measure LED, HMI, Fluorescent sources, new-style plasma lamps as well as tungsten lamps, natural light and electronic flash. Its high-resolution measuring system, featuring CMOS sensor, capture and displays spikes in light source output to provide unsurpassed color measurement accuracy. The C-700'Rs large, color touch screen displays light-source information as a color spectrum graph that is expandable for closer inspection, CRI (Ra plus R1 to R15), Kelvin (correlated color temperature), Illuminance (footcandle or Lux) and light source filtration values in Mired, CC index as well as filter correction values for major light source and lens filter brands. Its "Multi Lights" display enables quick data comparison of four lights with full data on each at the touch of a finger. Its "Multi Spectrum" mode enables displaying spectral graphs of three sources for quick visual comparison. Different than any spectrometer today, the C-700R meter not only displays more ways to view and compare light-source information, it also provides filtration information to correct and modify light color for cleaner recording and simpler post process. Identical to the C-700, the "R" model adds wireless triggering for yo