Tilta TT-03-TL DSLR Shoulder Rig w/ Follow Focus and Counter Weights (Tilta)

UPC # 847983009350
MFR # TT-03-TL
  • Complete shoulder rig designed for Canon 5D, 6D,T3i (600D), T4i (650D), T5i (700D), SL1 & Nikon D800 D90, D600, D610, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D7000 and D7100
  • Includes follow focus & 5lbs of counter weight
  • Fully adjustable arms using Rosettes

The Tilta DSLR Shoulder Rig is a precision machined and black anodized shoulder rig and DSLR cage system, complete with follow focus unit, sliding balance plate, and 15mm LWS rod system. Designed to bring a professional toolset to DSLR cinematography, the system also supports compact to large sized camcorders. This makes it ideal for use by camera operators who use different models of cameras and want to use one rig with almost any camera.

Quick and easy to set up for the user’s needs, the TT-03-TL is a complete, all inclusive offset DLSR camera rig. With this Tilta DSLR rig, it will put the camera in a position for you that will make handheld shooting fully functional and much easier to use. The offset DSLR rig is equipped with 10 pairs of rosettes that are placed in vital joints, which will enable you to configure the rig to your exact needs and shooting style.

The DSLR base plate works with most DSLR cameras. The base plate’s design makes it easy to attach the camera, fasten tightly, and quickly switch out the batteries. The 15mm quick release plate also makes it portable and effortless for you to break down or set up. In this kit, there are two different sized registration pins to prevent the camera from slipping out of place.

The included FF-T03 Follow Focus unit, is machined out of aluminum, and snaps onto LWS 15mm rods, so you don’t have to remove other accessories if you have to move the follow focus unit. It also features two adjustable hard stops, which are useful when working with lenses that don’t have any hard stops, and just rotate endlessly. On the back of the unit is a variable tension adjustment, allowing you to smoothly add resistance to the hand wheel if you want it. The drive gear is removable, and the unit comes with five removable gear bands that you can attach to lenses that don’t have built-in gears. It also includes a 12” whip and a speed crank, giving you everything you could ask for in a lightweight follow focus unit.

With three points of articulation for each grip, the Tilta UH-T03 Universal Handgrip features ARRI compatible rosettes and kipping (spring loaded) levers for fast secure adjustment points, to allow you to position the handgrips just where you want them. The handgrips attach to a snap on support bridge that clamps onto either LWS 15mm or 19mm studio support rods, making adjustments and repositioning easy, as you don’t have to remove your other rod accessories if you want to reposition the handgrips, to fine tune the balance.

Tilta Offset Shoulder Pad offers a great solution for those extended hours of shooting with your rig. This piece allows you to conveniently turn any rig with a 15mm rod system into a shoulder mount. Easily adjust the joints to set the position of the shoulder pad as desired and in addition, a 15mm rod adapter piece is included on top of the shoulder mount, which allows you to attach accessories such as counterweights or a battery plate.

Is a solid counterbalance for mounting heavier cameras on the a rig. It consists of 2 stainless steel pieces of 2.2 lb counterweight and a 15mm rod adapter. The rod adapter can be slid into the standard 15mm rods of your Tilta or any other rig and locked in place with the thumbscrew.

The Rig can be broken down into very small pieces for easy transportation this is especially useful for travel and location Shooting.