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Ilford Photo Harman Selenium Toner, 1 Liter

UPC # 019498143205
MFR # IL1143207
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  • Designed for the dish & tray toning of all Black & White papers.
  • Used at ambient room temperatures.
  • Delivers an archival, visibly warmer print.

HARMAN SELENIUM TONER is a liquid concentrate toner, designed for the dish & tray toning of all black and white photographic papers both resin coated (RC) and traditional fibre based (FB). This toner provides a simple and effective approach for the user wishing to produce Selenium toned prints. It should be used at ambient room temperatures, nominally 20°C/68°F. HARMAN SELENIUM TONER delivers an archival, visibly warmer print to the user, with the additional benefit of a toner that is convenient, versatile and with a long working dish life. Selenium Toning Tips Put the prints to be toned in a plain water holding bath at 4 degrees centigrade higher than the Selenium working solution to prevent the toner from cooling when the print is being toned. When first using Selenium toner have an identical print as a reference in the holding tray of plain water. Do not continually look at the print in the Selenium as it is being toned as you may not identify changes in either colour or contrast. Make regular comparisons with the identical print as described above. Because lower values increase in density when Selenium toned remember to allow for this when you make the print. Prints made and dried can be toned at a later date. Before toning place them in a holding bath of plain water for 10 minutes. When prints have been overtoned and the colour is unsatisfactory, for example too purple toning the print in gold toner will cool th