Pentax KP Black Body 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof DSLR Dynamic with 3" LCD

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  • 24.3 effective Megapixel APS-C AA filter less CMOS sensor with Iso 819200 and pixel shift resolution
  • 5-Axis shake reduction system
  • Pixel shift resolution technology. Uses shake reduction to move the image sensor in single-pixel increments, to capture 4 images that are combined into a single, Hi-Res image
  • Pentax KP Digital SLR Body
  • Grip S O-GP167 with Screw Kit
  • Grip M O-GP1671 with Screw Kit


The brand new Pentax KP, an ultra-compact and highly portable DSLR with features and controls that facilitate capturing outstanding images, even in the most demanding conditions. The KP packs many of the advanced capabilities of the award-winning K-3 series into a modern, slim-body design that lends itself to applications from casual snapshots to serious outdoor photography while mountain climbing or trekking. The KP also adds a new generation of innovations including a new, highly sensitive APS-C CMOS sensor and is the first APS-C camera to incorporate shake reduction II (SR II), which features a five-axis mechanism to compensate for camera shake up to 5 steps. The new Megapixel CMOS sensor enables shooting in extremely low-light conditions, with sensitivity to ISO 819200, making the camera ideal for night photography.

The KP features an electronic shutter option in live-view to enable high-speed shooting up to 1/24,000-second, which greatly broadens shooting capabilities when using large aperture lenses to achieve a shallow depth of field on a bright sunny day. The KP's compact body is the result of a complete internal re-design to produce an advanced DSLR camera with an extremely Slim profile for optimal comfort and handling. The kp' s rugged exterior is dustproof and weather-sealed to enable use in the most challenging outdoor conditions. The camera will perform in temperatures as low as 14 degrees f (-10 degrees C) and is incorporates a vertical-tilt LCD monitor that facilitates high- and low-angle shooting

Compact, slim design for outstanding portability

PENTAX has devoted much of its effort to the downsizing of the camera body. By optimizing the design of internal components and mechanisms, it has succeeded in packaging exceptional imaging power, supported by original technologies and a host of advanced functions, in the PENTAX KP’s compact, slim body. It assures casual, carefree shooting not only during daily outings, but also on trips and outdoor activities.

24.3 Effective Megapixel, APS-C CMOS Sensor

The PENTAX KP features a new 24-megapixel AA Filter-less APS-C sized CMOS sensor for outstanding image quality. This new sensor enables shooting in extremely low-light conditions, with sensitivity to ISO 819200, making the camera ideal for low-light photography.

Prime IV With RICOH Developed Accelerator Unit

Coupled with the PENTAX original Accelerator Unit, Ricoh’s own-developed processing device, the PRIME IV effectively suppress the noise and reproduces fine-detailed, color rich images even at high ISO level.

Pixel Shift Resolution

Pixel Shift Resolution is a system apart from the conventional Bayer system, which captures single unit of color data in one pixel. Pixel Shift Resolution captures four images of the same scene by shifting the image sensor by single pixel, using the SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism. With this, each pixel captures all colors to give you a super-high-resolution images with much finer details, while significantly lowering the level of high-sensitivity noise. The PENTAX KP Pixel Shift Resolution also offers a Motion Correction function which detects moving objects and subtracts the moving pixels from the final composite image.

SR II in-body, five-axis shake reduction mechanism for effective camera shake compensation of up to five shutter steps

The PENTAX KP comes equipped with the innovative sensor-shift-type SR II (Shake Reduction II), which assures optimum compensation effect for all lenses. In addition to common camera shake caused by pitch and yaw, this five-axis mechanism also compensates for camera shake caused by horizontal and vertical shift (often generated in macro photography) and camera shake caused by roll, which is difficult to handle by lens-installed shake reduction mechanisms. Thanks to a wide compensation range of five shutter steps,* it benefits a number of handheld applications, such as when using a telephoto lens or shooting in poorly-lit locations, to capture sharp, blur-free images.

Optical viewfinder with glass pentaprism

Thanks to a nearly 100-percent field of view, the PENTAX KP’s viewfinder provides an image field almost identical in size to that of the captured image. The optical design provides a real-time view of the subject, while its glass pentaprism delivers a large, well-defined image field at approximately 0.95-times magnification (with a 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity). The Natural Bright Matte III focusing screen makes it easy to identify the in-focus point even during manual-focus operation. This standard focusing screen is replaceable with optional screens to accommodate specialized applications.

Vertical-tilt-type LCD monitor

The PENTAX KP’s 3.0-inch LCD monitor has approximately 921,000 dots, and provides a vertical tilt function to facilitate high- and low-angle shooting. It also comes equipped with such convenient features as: the Outdoor View Setting mode, which instantly sets the optimum monitor brightness level for a given lighting condition; and a red-lighted monitor display function, which facilitates monitor viewing when the photographer’s eyes have become accustomed to a dark location during nighttime photography.

Outdoor-friendly monitor with a red-lighted display function

The PENTAX KP features an outdoor-friendly LCD monitor whose brightness level can be instantly adjusted to the desired level: brighter during outdoor shooting in sunshine, or dimmer during nightscape photography. Because the monitor settings are assigned to the Function dial as the default setting of the Smart Function, you can quickly set the desired brightness level with a single twist of the dial.

This monitor also provides a Night Vision LCD Display function, which prevents eye strain or fatigue after they have become accustomed to a dark location during astronomical and nighttime photography. By assigning this function to the Fx1 button, you can instantly switch the display mode between normal display and Night Vision LCD Display with pushbutton ease.

Extra-durable, high-rigidity body Magnesium-alloy casing to optimize durability and dependability

The PENTAX KP’s exterior casing is made of highly rigid, lightweight magnesium alloy with remarkable durability and outstanding electromagnetic-shielding performance. Coupled with a high-rigidity, corrosion-resistant metallic chassis, it forms an extremely durable, dependable body structure.

Dustproof, weather-resistant construction

To prevent the intrusion of water and dust into the interior, the PENTAX KP features 67 sealing parts, applied to the control buttons and dials, covers and exterior joints. By mounting an AW- or WR-series lens and the optional, weather-resistant D-BG7 battery grip, they form a highly airtight digital imaging system that assures dependable performance even under unfavorable weather conditions.

Excellent cold-resistant performance at -10°C for highly dependable operation even at freezing temperatures

Anticipating use in the bitter-cold winter or high-latitude, low-temperature locations, PENTAX has subjected the PENTAX KP to exacting environmental tests at temperatures as low as -10°C, and gathered a vast amount of data on operational precision, response and stability, as well as fluctuations in battery voltage. As the result, it assures solid, trouble-free operation when recording valuable scenes.

DR II (Dust Removal II) mechanism for effective removal of foreign particles from the image sensor

By applying ultrasonic vibrations generated by a piezoelectric element to the optical glass panel placed in front of the image sensor, this mechanism effectively removes dust particles clinging to the image sensor surface, and prevents annoying dust spots from appearing on captured images.

Smart Function Easy customization of 15 different functions

The PENTAX-original Smart Function lets you select the desired function using the Function dial, then choose the desired setting using the setting dial. This innovative, two-dial operation system greatly improves the camera’s operability. In addition to four preset positions, the Function dial also provides three custom positions (C1 to C3), to which you can assign the desired functions for instant, single-action switching.

Control button customization for more personalized operation with three Fx buttons

The PENTAX KP provides three Fx buttons to which you can assign frequently used functions. You can also customize the function of the AF/AE-L button, or assign a different set of functions to the front and rear e-dials and/or the green button for each exposure mode.

Electronically controlled shutter unit with quiet, high-speed operation and top speed of 1/24000-second

The PENTAX KP provides a choice of mechanical and electronic shutter modes. In the electronic shutter mode,* the shutter unit produces very little noise and vibration during shutter-curtain operation, making it ideal for shooting in locations where silence is required. This mode also provides a top shutter speed of 1/24000 second, making it handy when you want to use an open aperture in bright, sunny locations. In Live View or mirror lock-up shooting, it provides even quieter, lower-vibration operation.

ASTROTRACER Effortless tracking and capture of celestial bodies using the SR mechanism

When the optional O-GPS1 GPS Unit is mounted,* the PENTAX KP captures beautiful images of celestial bodies without the aid of an equatorial platform. Based on the data obtained by the GPS unit, it calculates the movement of celestial bodies with great accuracy, then shifts the image sensor in synchronization with this motion. Since it captures stars without a streaking effect even during extended exposures, you can record faint stars as point images.

Wireless P-TTL Auto flashAutomatic control of flash discharge in complicated lighting conditions

The PENTAX KP features a built-in flash unit with a guide number of approximately six (at ISO 100/m). Using this flash unit or a dedicated accessory flash unit mounted on the camera’s hot shoe as a controller, you can control the timing of flash discharge and adjust the illumination level from a distance. This simplifies complicated flash applications such as a multi-flash setup, while creating a true-to-life sense of depth and well-defined shadows.

IMAGE Transmitter 2 compatibilityTethered photography from a computer

By connecting the PENTAX KP via USB to a personal computer equipped with the IMAGE Transmitter 2 tethering software*, you can adjust the camera’s exposure settings, release its shutter while observing a Live View image, and confirm captured images on your computer. You can even program the system to automatically transmit captured images to your computer and save them in its storage for time-efficient operation.

Easy transfer and browsing of captured images on a smartphone

The PENTAX KP provides a set of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) functions for operation using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. By installing the dedicated Image Sync application* in your mobile device, you can also browse captured images and remotely control camera operations from a distance.

Customization of the grip’s shape and hold, with a choice of three grips

The PENTAX KP lets you replace its grip to accommodate a particular lens or suit your preferences in holding comfort or shooting style.

Depth-of-field Bracketing

This function continuously captures three images with different depths of field by automatically raising or lowering the aperture setting in steps.

Motion Bracketing

This function continuously captures three images with different expressions of motion by automatically raising or lowering the shutter speed in steps.


Camera Type: Digital SLR
Camera Style: Enthusiast
Lens Mount: PENTAX KAF2
Camera Format: APS-C
Effective Pixels: 24.32MP
Approx. Resolution: 24MP
Sensor Type/Size: 23.5 x 15.6 mm CMOS
File Formats: JPEG, RAW
Memory Card Type: SD/SDHC/SDXC


ISO Sensitivity: 100 to 819,200
Shutter: Mechanical shutter: Auto: 1/6000 to 30 sec., Manual: 1/6000 to 30 sec. (1/3EV steps or 1/2EV steps), Bulb (Timed exposure setting possible from 10 sec. to 20min.); Electronic shutter: Auto: 1/24000 to 30 sec., Manual: 1/24000 to 30 sec. (1/3EV steps or 1/2EV steps)
Remote Control: Built-in Wi-Fi
Mirror Lock-Up: Yes
Metering Method: TTL open aperture metering using 86K pixel RGB sensor, Multi-segment, Center-weighted and Spot metering
Exposure Modes: Scene Analyze Auto, Program, Sensitivity Priority, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Shutter & Aperture Priority, Manual, Bulb, USER (5 presets)
White Balance Modes: AUTO WB, Multi Auto WB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (D:Daylight Color, N:Daylight White, W:Cool White, L:Warm White), Tungsten Light, CTE, Manual WB (up to 3 settings), Color Temperature Configuration (up to 3 settings), Copying the white balance setting of a captured image


Continuous Shooting: Up to 7.0 fps
Self Timer: 2 sec, 12 sec, Continuous
Date & Time Stamp: Yes
In-Camera Image Editing: Image Rotation, Color Moire Correction, Resize, Cropping (Aspect ratio and Slant adjustment available), Movie Edit (Divide or delete selected frames), Capturing a JPEG still picture from a movie, Saving RAW data in buffer memory, Image Copy
Connectivity: USB2.0 (micro B), External power supply terminal, Stereo microphone input / Cable switch input (3.5mm connector)
Wi-Fi Capable: Yes

Focus Control

Focus Type: Auto
Focus Mode: AF Single, AF Active Area, Contrast Detection
Autofocus Points: 27


Viewfinder Type: Pentaprism
Viewfinder Coverage: 100%
Viewfinder Magnification: 0.95x
Diopter Adjustment: -2.5m to + 1.5m-1
Screen Size: 3.0"
Display Screen Type: Rear Screen LCD
Screen Coverage: 100%
Angle of View: NA
Live View: Yes

AV Recording

Video Recording: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264?MOV?
Video Resolution: HD
File Size: Full HD (1920x1080, 60i/50i/30p/25p/24p, HD (1280x720, 60p/50p)
Exposure Control: NA
ISO Sensitivity: 100 to 819,200
Exposure Compensation: +-5EV (1/2EV steps or 1/3EV steps can be selected)
Focus (Auto/Manual): Auto
Continuous Shooting Time: Up to 25 minutes or 4GB
Audio Recording: Built-in stereo microphone, external microphone (Stereo recording compatible), Recording Sound Level adjustable


Flash Modes: Auto Flash Discharge (Scene Analyze Auto), Auto Flash + Red-eye Reduction (Scene Analyze Auto) Flash On, Flash On+ Red-eye Reduction, Slow-speed Sync, Trailing Curtain Sync, Manual Flash Discharge (Full-1/128), Wireless (Controller)
Built-in Flash: Yes
Guide No. (Feet/Metres): 6.0 (ISO100/m)
Max Sync Speed: 1/180 sec.
Flash Compensation: -2.0 to +1.0EV
Dedicated Flash System: P-TTL
External Flash Connection: Hot Shoe, Wireless


Swivel/Tilt LCD: Yes
Weather Resistant: Yes
Built-in Flash: Yes


Battery: D-LI109 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
AC Power Adapter: AC Adapter Kit K-AC167 (Optional)
Operating/Storage Temperature: -10 to 40C (14-104F)


Weight: 703g
Dimensions (WxHxD): 131.5 x 101.0 x 76.0mm
Colour: Black

  • Pentax KP Digital SLR Body
  • Grip S O-GP167 with Screw Kit
  • Grip M O-GP1671 with Screw Kit
  • Grip L O-GP1672 with Screw Kit
  • Rechargeable L-ion Battery DlI109 (U)
  • Battery Charger D-BC109 (A)
  • AC Plug Cord D-CO68U
  • Pentax Strap O-ST162
  • Pentax Eyecup FR
  • Hot Shoe Cover FK
  • Body Mount Cap KII
  • Triangular Ring
  • Protective Cover
  • Software S-SW167
  • Battery Grip Terminal Cover