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Photoflex Medium LiteRoom (Shooting Tent) 24.5" x 32" x 17"

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  • The LiteRoom is designed to be an easy-to-use lighting solution for product photography.
  • Translucent fabric produces a soft, wrapping light for even, reflection-free lighting when used with soft boxes
  • Allows wide-range of camera angle possibilities

LiteRoom, a tabletop-sized shooting tent for photography of small products using either flash/strobe or continuous lighting sources, While the new LiteRoom works effectively with strobe and flash for nearly shadow-free lighting, it creates even softer, more diffused and dramatic light when paired with Photoflex's Starlite kits that feature SilverDome nxt softboxes. A Photoflex shooting tent-softbox kit combination provides double diffusion for impressive, professional-caliber lighting, and proves especially useful when photographing highly reflective objects such as glassware, coins, jewelry, gems and artwork The LiteRoom shooting tent has been engineered with an emphasis on superior quality and durability, from the white diffusion fabric to bottom edges reinforced with white nylon webbing. Flexible steel rods with aluminum bullet tips support the shooting tent, just as they do Photoflex softboxes. And Photoflex's Quick-Release Corners make setup and teardown quick and easy Arched exterior walls allow continuous, uninterrupted gradations of light. The translucent fabric has a one F-stop diffusion rating, just like Photoflex softboxes and the company's LiteDisc & LitePanel reflectors and diffusers. Shooting ports are positioned on top and at one end of the LiteRoom, where a zipper runs in an arc from one corner to the other. The zipper permits easy placing and replacing of objects and positioning of the camera, then zipping back up