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 Manfrotto Digital Director   Manfrotto  Manfrotto Digital Director
Digital Director is the only Apple certified interface that helps you intuitively manage the entire photo and video workflow, from setting your camera to sharing your pictures via a tethered iPad application.

Digital Director is the ideal companion for pro and hobbyist photographers who are serious about videography and are Apple addicted.This innovative MFi (Made for iPad Certification) product is designed to make shooting photos and videos much smarter: by simply plugging the USB cable into the camera and turning on the App, photographers and videographers are ensured a reliable, high-performance connection between their Canon or Nikon DSLRs and their iPad Air/Air 2.A dedicated CPU (micro-processor ARM® Cortex®-A8) embedded in Digital Director, together with dedicated Software (APP) and firmware, provides an interface between the two devices, which enables the camera protocols to be fully understood and controlled by the iPad via a cable.
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 Ricoh THETA   Ricoh  Ricoh THETA

Experience a new world of images with the RICOH THETA.
This is not just an ordinary camera. It is a spherical camera that captures the space around you. And with just one touch. For example, when you see an incredible view that takes your breath away. You can capture the amazing view before your eyes at the same time as capturing your expression of amazement. Create a sense of presence so real it feels like you are actually there. Look around the photos in any direction on the web or on a smartphone. Things that you didn't notice at that moment are waiting for you to find them.
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 Ricoh THETA S   Ricoh  Ricoh THETA S
High-spec model that captures all of the surprises and beauty from 360°.
Beauty as far as the eye can see, and a breathtaking sense of presence making you feel you are "right there, right now".
From still images to long movies (max. 25 minutes long), record your memories in a vivid, high resolution 360° world.
The new RICOH THETA S gives you even higher quality and performance.
*1 Data is recorded in full HD (1920×1080) resolution, but the resolution of spherical videos when viewed differs depending on the type of display or display magnification.
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Nikon D500
Nikon D500

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