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 Zeiss Biogon T * 2,8/25 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Biogon T * 2,8/25 ZM
This moderate wide-angle lens offers exciting visual perspectives, but is also one of the easiest to control. The Biogon T* 2,8/25 ZM delivers high contrast across the entire image field and is virtually free of distortion at full apertures. With the aperture stopped down, detail is finely rendered with a pleasing three-dimensional quality.
 Zeiss Biogon T * 2,8/28 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Biogon T * 2,8/28 ZM
This classic, wide-angle focal length with a moderate perspective complements the standard 50 mm focal length. The Biogon T* 2,8/28 ZM exhibits crisp detail without distortion at full apertures, even at the close-focus range.
 Zeiss Biogon T * 2/35 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Biogon T * 2/35 ZM
This moderate wide-angle focal length is one of the most popular lenses for rangefinder photography. The Biogon T* 2/35 ZM is the fastest lens in the Biogon family. It offers outstanding performance, distortion-free images and the fast f/2 aperture permits handheld photography under difficult lighting conditions.
 Zeiss C Biogon T* 2,8/35 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss C Biogon T* 2,8/35 ZM
This compact wide-angle lens with a moderate focal length is the perfect addition to your light, mobile camera equipment. The C Biogon T* 2,8/35 ZM will inspire you with uncompromising image perfection, even at full aperture.
 Zeiss C Sonnar T * 1,5/50 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss C Sonnar T * 1,5/50 ZM
This standard focal length offers special qualities which make it wellsuited for portraiture. The ‘C’ designation in the C Sonnar T* 1,5/50 ZM name means both ‘compact’ and ‘classic’. The lens design and aperture geometry reflect its predecessor from the 1930s, the Sonnar 1.5/50, which was the fastest standard lens of its time.
 Zeiss Distagon T * 2,8 / 15 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Distagon T * 2,8 / 15 ZM
The ultra-wide angle lens designed for high-speed performance and full integration with TTL exposure metering. In order to achieve the unique performance level, the lens’s complex design incorporates floating elements, a total of 11 elements (with one aspherical surface) comprising exotic optical glasses such as high-refractive-index barium dense flint and flour crown with anomalous partial dispersion.
 Zeiss Distagon T * 2,8 / 21 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Distagon T * 2,8 / 21 ZM
This fast, super wide-angle lens allows photographers to experiment with different angles and perspectives. The Biogon T* 2,8/21 ZM offers outstanding performance and extreme resolving power even when shot wide open, with virtually no distortion, excellent control of flare and ghosting and superb contrast rendition across the entire frame.
 Zeiss Planar T * 2/50 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Planar T * 2/50 ZM
This fast, standard focal length offers a natural perspective comparable to the human eye for a wide variety of applications. The Planar T* 2/50 ZM provides high imaging performance at full aperture, making it possible to use a shallow depth of field without compromising image quality.
 Zeiss Sonnar T * 2/85 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Sonnar T * 2/85 ZM
This extremely fast, short telephoto lens incorporates a modern lens design and manufacturing processes to deliver uncompromising image quality. The Sonnar T* 2/85 ZM is manufactured in Germany and utilizes floating lens elements to provide excellent sharpness and distortion-free images across the entire focusing range. The lens has a very wide and precise focus rotation to help with critical focusing.
 Zeiss Tele-Tessar T * 4/85 ZM   Zeiss  Zeiss Tele-Tessar T * 4/85 ZM
This sleek and extremely compact Tele fits virtually in every pocket and represents the ideal travel companion for portrait and landscape photography.
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